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February 26, 2013

Star Field Texture Replacement V2 (Broken Spikes Fixed)

(All pictures above: StarIntensity=82)

V2 is another revision of the star field texture and the texture size is multiply to 1024x1024. So the star looks smaller and more delicate than V1 (removed).
The texture is also adjusted for better presentation under lower StarIntensity settings.

Download from my Google driver V2 (Broken spikes issue fixed)
Compatible with any environment lighting tweaks so far, and mine.
Compatible with all patch version.

This is a texture default replacement which replace the following item:
_IMG 0x08D39108DC211DC6_NightSkyStarsFlat

*If your spec is pretty low (Texture setting to low), or you want the star twice bigger, use 512x512 version instead. 

StarIntensity=65, the star spikes and darker star will become invisible. So this one can give you natural effect with different StarIntensity settings.


  1. Amazing, really spectacular. Thank you sooo much.

  2. 如果没有lightning mod没事吗?我现在用Aurora Skie世界

    1. 這替換的是不同的材質,所以跟lighting mod無關喔