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February 5, 2013

Improved CAS Camera Angle

Sometimes I'm really tired of my SIMs face looked so different in CAS and Live mode.
However, after some testing, I found that the viewing angle in live mode we used to take is somehow different to EA did in CAS mode (Totoally horizontal).
So I just edited the camera setting ini for CAS mode.
I love the zoom-in improvement shimrod did in his Zoom-In CAS Camera mod. I just take his file so I can preserve his improved zoom-in function and changed the view angle when morphing SIMs face.

Angle we used to take in live mode. (From a little higher position)

 Original Angle (Totally horizontal)

My improved angle (From a little higher position)
Wide Screen Resolution

4:3 Screen Resolution

Download from my Google driver
1.38~ compatible
(Permitted by Shimrod)

Shimrod101's original version on MTS.

*Edit the ini yourself if you are not using 1.38~.
I only modified these four parts in CAScameras and CAScamerasWS ini.


  1. Thank you for sharing, my friend! :)

  2. Oh my God this is amazing. I just tried it in CAS. Wow! i had to look twice. I thought i was seeing things. Thank you :) And i thank Shimrod too. But it certainly makes it easier now to see your Sim face.

  3. Will it be compatible with the mods that maintain a sim standing still in CAS? I thought Shimrods did, just wondering!

    1. No. The following two items conflict.
      CASCamerasWS (INI)
      CASCameras (INI)
      But you can set my mod to higher priority by putting it into overrides, or replace them with my items by S3pe. I guess the standing pose does not change the height of the SIMs from Teen to Elder.

  4. yay this is great!!
    you make wonderful things
    this would be super useful for sim making & upload presentation
    Thanks Buhudain

  5. Does this one need to update for patch 1.55?

  6. How can I make this work on 1.50 ver.?