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Angel said to Vampire "Boss, this is sexual harassment!!!" Anyway we got only abnormal things here.
天使對吸血鬼說:社長你性騷擾!!! 反正這裡就是沒有正常的東西啦~

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February 7, 2013

Igarashi, ChinChin and Murasaki

五十嵐貴史(Igarashi Takashi)

晴晴(Chin Chin)

紫晴(Murasaki Hare)
Female version of Chin Chin. Only lip width and nose width adjusted.

Download 晴晴 and 紫晴
Skin: Ephemera Natural (TAN?)

Igarashi is not available now.


  1. They look like Han people to me. Why so bother to give them a Japanese name? You hate and look down your own people?

    1. Calm down. It's well known that Han people are.....

    2. Give them name Chang Ching Chong! Or Ching Chong Chang!

      I'm agree that Chinese people are evil. It's better they just extinct and replaced by the friendly Japanese. Chinese civilization contribute nothing to the world. They all are garbage and polluting the world.

    3. Does it matters to you that I give them Japanese names? Why so bother to see that I gave them Japanese names? You hate Japanese?

    4. Dear Anonymous, It is not your business.

    5. Agree, it's not your business.

      I think the creator decision is right. Today, Chinese is the most hated people in world. Even Taiwanese want to establish their own ethnicity, separated from China.

  2. Great sims! Thank you.

    I'm agree to give them a Japanese name. I don't like the Chinese and don't have any cool fantasy about them.

    1. Many of the Chinese themed CC for The Sims 3 are ugly. Compare with the cool Japanese. I think Chinese people don't have any more modern culture too. Even Taiwan, they imported from Japan.

  3. LOL! You guys are crazy.

    But I do agree with mahamudo to choose Japanese over Chinese. I hugely disappointed by EA decision to choose China over Japan in World Adventure.

  4. I do notice 三千年の猫 posted a lot of Japanese than a Chinese. Is there any cool modern Chinese people or Taiwanese?

    1. I meet some cool Chinese during my visit. I think 三千年の猫 should not discriminate against her own people.

      The hateful toward Chinese people is created and promoted by AngloSaxon people, to discredit them for being a potential superpower rival. I don't think Chinese people are that evil and lowly. In my experience, most of them are very kind and pure people. The street is so clean and safe, even in the middle of night, unlike my city.

      May be 三千年の猫 should create more cool Chinese people. You are a Chinese, right? I do have some reference in my head, based on some people in subway and movies. LOL!

    2. OK.... why don't you make your SIMs the same as your own country..... Don't just imagine the whole of them from a small amount of people.
      And I AM NOT a Chinese. I'm a TAIWANESE! I see Taiwanese everyday, and I don't want to make them as my SIMs, CLEAR?

    3. And remember this....

  5. Oh, dear creator of these wonderful sims, don't listen to bullshit of someone who doesn't know the history of great civilizations :) All adult people know China was the first and Japan took from it an alphabet for language and many culture traditions, all Asian countries took their start from China, so don't worry, your work is amazing, keep going :3