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February 25, 2013

aWT Eyeball Cross-eyed Issue Fixed

aWT eyeball cross-eyed issue fixed for both male and female, teen to elder
The UV size is adjusted a little so the iris will be 0.96x smaller (very little difference). This fix another flowering iris issue.
(Publish is allowed by aWT Mark)

Two versions available for SimSkin and SimEyes shader, choose only one,
SimSkin: Compatible with aWT eye sliders, no glowing when turning into vampire, werewolf or ghost.
SimEyes, Uncompatible with aWT eye sliders, glowing compatible.

Replace aWT's original one (aWT_MSH_LOD0-Eyeball) with this. 

Download from my Google Driver

Original is HERE.


  1. thank you!!! Always thought the eyes looked a bit odd with #aWT's fix.

  2. I don't know if I did something wrong, but with patch 1.50 women's eyes still don't work with AWT sliders. (I use this mod of yours, and before I used the one from AWT)

    For men is everything fine, and there are also no crossing issues... Any thought about this thing?

    1. Are you using female cross-eye fix from S-Club?

    2. No I don't... I only have a few mods, and overlays, but I have a bunch of sliders, is maybe one of them that conflict with the eye one?

    3. Same issue here, for some reason the sliders such as the iris size doesn't work with females. It's really bugging and haven't found a solution to it, i decided just not to bother anymore.

  3. File doesn't work :-(

  4. WICF the contact lens in pic 1

  5. Hey! :)

    Could you please do a version of aWT's Eyeball Mesh but with the eyes looking like base game please?

    Because aWT's Eyeball Mesh flips horizontally both eyes and I just can't stand it!!! T.T

    Thank you ♥