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January 18, 2013

You Are Real - Part III: Child

Child part of You Are Real Project.
Because children have very smooth skin, so keratin strength is set to very low, so you can only notice at very short distance.

Download from Google Driver
(Choose only one)

For High-Spec user (Texture size 2048, Texture Detail High and SIM Detail Veryhigh)

Child Face+Body v1.0 (Barbie version)

Child Face+Body v1.0 (with Nipples)
(Nipples is compatible with Navetsea skin. May also compatible with other skins.)

For Low-Spec user (Texture size 1024, Texture Detail Med and SIM Detail High, keratin and some detail will be blurred)

Chile Face+Body v1.0, 1024 (Barbie version)

Child Face+Body v1.0, 1024 (With Nipples)
(Nipples is compatible with Navetsea skin. May also compatible with other skins.)


  1. Thank you! Have been waiting for this. So everything is complete now.

  2. Does the child package included toddler and baby?

    1. No toddler and baby. They are very smooth so I didn't make their revised normal map.

    2. While toddler/baby skin wouldn't need the keratin, the hands/feet revisions for them would be really nice. Regardless, thank you for all the awesome you've done with this set!

  3. Thank you for all that you do!