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All poses are poselist included

*2012.6.19 Announcement: You can retexture or do some mesh adjustment of my stuff. But please inform me after you released your retextured one. Also sign the credits of me.*
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January 9, 2013

You Are Real - Part I: Male

*Body Updated to V1.5 Please re-download.*
Details strength adjusted. New abdominal muscle. New keratin face. Adam's apple added.

This project is to give your SIMs more real 3D details on their skin by modifying the normal map.
This project added....
Fingers, hands, toes details
Small wrinkles on joints
Vessels on arms (High muscle definition)
Keratin on body
Revised keratin face project (Keratin face project will also be merged into this project totally)

Connected between face and body

Revised face keratin (v1.2~)

Tongue (face v1.4~)

Adam's apple (v1.5~)

Hand and foot details (v1.4~)

Muscle definition (from left, 0, 0.5 ,1) (EA's Ab)

New Abdominal Muscle (v1.4~)

Body keratin

Revised Muscle obliquus internus abdominis (elongated)
(Skin for exhibition: Navetsea Model)

Download from Google Driver
(Choose only one body)

For High-Spec user (Texture size 2048, Texture Detail High and SIM Detail Veryhigh)

Male Face v1.4

Male Body v1.5 New Abdominal (Barbie Version, no nipples and genital)

Male Body v1.5 EA Abdominal (Barbie Version, no nipples and genital)

For Low-Spec user (Texture size 1024, Texture Detail Med and SIM Detail High, keratin and some detail will be blurred)

Male Face v1.4, 1024

Male Body v1.5 New Abdominal, 1024 (Barbie Version, no nipples and genital)

Male Body v1.5 EA Abdominal, 1024 (Barbie Version, no nipples and genital)

Get body with genital details and nipples from my 18+ branch site.

*Remember to delete my Abdominal Muscle V1 ~ V3.
**Remember to delete my Adult Body Normal Map V1 ~ V2.
***Remember to delete my old Keratin Face Project files.
****You need to set in game Texture Detail and SIM Detail as mentioned AT LEAST for best representation. HQ is NOT needed for 2048 texture.
*****Use Cmar's newest Skininator to repack your old skin if it does not support muscle definition.  (Tutorial not provided)

!!!!And you need to know!!!!
This is a default-skin replacement and not!
It only contains the skin normal maps, and almost all other default and non-default skintones only contain diffuse and specular maps. So they DON'T conflict each other. And you will see this 3D effects on almost every newly packed skin.

This is a default replacement mod.
Replacing the following normal maps...
_IMG ymFace_n_0x598325880b644f6f
_IMG amFace_n_0x6f853f0e35157e27
_IMG emFace_n_0x7edd5d417bc66683
_IMG amBody_n_0x4DB46D1662895FC0
_IMG amBodyCutness_n_0xA28B589500895C8F 


  1. Tested.....I don't understand. Why they look so great!!! I can't wait for the female and children version. ;-)

    How you make the 3D effect? Do you use Photoshop or pure drawn in Blender? I have a secret desire to make a full 3D skin like those EA original skin, but based on Ephemera E-skin.

    1. This work on all skin. You don't need to make it yourself... I mean... if they are regular skintone.

      I drew the small wrinkles and details in photoshop as bump map, then use displacement to bake normal map for different kind of details separately. For big part, I did multiresolution and then sculpted the mesh. And use photoshop to merge them with EA's normal map together (Use Overlay Mode).

  2. Wow this is what i needed all the time! THANKS!!:D

  3. As always, very impressive. Actually no, this is probably one of the most impressive creation from you to me. Thank you for making these and sharing. I'll wait patiently for the female version as well.

  4. The recent ones don't look nice in the low-spec PC of mine. I need to get as close as possible to see the keratin effect and the nipple. The beta pre-release look perfect in mine. May be you should release several version from strong keratin for low-spec PC, to soft keratin for high-spec PC. Anyway, your keratin skin is very awesome!!! Great job!

    1. Due to texture size limitation, this can be a little difficult. For texture detail=med and SIM detail=High, the maximum texture size is 1024. I'll have try to resize the texture to 1024px. I think it can still be clear on face but no way for body keratin...?
      Well.... I need to try it

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love it. I wish it was non-default, though. Can't give up my present default skin.

    1. You don't have to. It's a default replacement of the "normal mapping", not the "skin". This means it can be used with any default skin AND non-default skin.

    2. So you mean we can use this WITH non-default skins? This isn't an actual skin itself? Is this just a mod to make ALL skins look better?

    3. Right, but not right. This is only the normal map parts of default skin.
      Non-default skin without normal map within will use normal map from default skin. So far no skintones have normal map included so they will use this instead.

    4. Oh, that sounds interesting! I downloaded the Adult version just in case (I like the nipples you made!)
      Thank you!

    5. There is actually one skin I've found that has normal map, at least on the face:

      I was wondering why the face keratin didn't work, so I brought it to the new Skininator. I had to remove all the normal map and repack it so that it works properly.

    6. Thanks for you information. I'll need to inform other people.

  7. I've got a few questions:

    How easy/difficult would it be for you to make some versions that may be less "intense", as in more subtle, similarly to your previous version of the face keratin (which was, to me, perfect for MY personal use though). My sims have a style inspired by anime, though it's a semi-realistic one. However, these detailed skin pores and keratin really "conflicts visually" with my style. They are great, but they don't work so well for me.

    So in short, my question is if it's possible for you to make more subtle versions, and how difficult would that be for you?

    My second question is related to the muscle cuteness. I noticed that on the IMG texture (extracted to see what's going on in the files) also have the body keratin as well as the other skin details, such as joint and nails "crevices". I tried using only the muscle cuteness IMG file to see how it would look, and as I add more muscle definition, more keratin appears.

    Now my question: wouldn't that overlay on top of the already-made keratin and skin details on the normal map, which would mean that adding more muscle cuteness would accentuate those details unnaturally, defeating the purpose of "realistic"?

    I haven't tested thoroughly, but I assume that could happen, so I wanted to ask you directly.

    1. One solution is.. you can lighten your SIMs with different directions of light, this can lower down the keratin strength visually.
      I can make it into non-default skin after I finished all the remaining parts. But first I need to ask Cmar to update her Skininator to include the Cutness normal map.

      They normal map blended between body_n and bodyCutness_n according to the muscle definition. ex. 0=body_n only, 0.5=50% body_n and 50% bodyCutness_n. Thus for some details you got to draw it on both so it won't be changed no matter how you set the muscle definition. I juts got this when I was making old my adult normal map and I see no penis details on a strong man.

    2. Ah I see, I understand better now. When you go further with the muscle definition slider, you're basically replacing the normal texture with the muscle cutness one, so you need the normal map details on both...

      Thanks for the response.

  8. You forget to add cracks or lines detail on the lips.

    1. May be next time~~~~~
      Only keratin is added this time but...
      There will be more details in the future.

  9. This is really what we needed! PERFECT AS ALWAYS! thankyou

  10. It's amazing! Thank you! It' so real! О_О

  11. Jeremy T. GibsonJan 11, 2013, 6:21:00 PM

    Egads, that's incredible!

  12. you. are. amazing...AND i don't have to give up my default. thank you.

  13. Excellent!!! The more detail, the better it is!

  14. Okay, i think i figured out how it works now. I'm just wondering how many more versions you are planning on releasing. Just so i don't have to keep switching out the old versions. (i know it isn't that hard, but i'm kinda lazy)

    I have to admit, all of them bring a level of detail i haven't been able to find in a default.

    Do you know that your TOU will be for this project?

  15. These are absolutely perfect, I put them in my Packages Folder, loaded up my game and my Sims looked realistic as ever! Great, great, job! But can you please tell me what is the difference between EA Abdominal and New Abdominal? I only have the New one in my game. Thanks! :)

    P.S. I followed you on Tumblr. :)

    1. In the picture presenting different muscle definition is EA's Ab. The picture of my new ab is at about muscle definition 0.42.

  16. OMG i'm a idot! I probably should have actually clicked the links *headdesk

  17. hey friend could tell me how you made the veins? I do a bodybuilder and have skin veins so please tell me. Christian greats

    1. You got to know how to bake normal map from 3D model.

  18. Thank you, I use it for my male sims and their body looks so real and beautiful!

  19. I put the packages into my mods folder but y sims still look the same :( Please tell me what i should do to make it look so amazingly awesome! its so hot! :D

  20. I like this, though I do wish you had a barbie/nipples one only.

  21. hi to all I am new, have I installed with work the texturepack let's call her/it so of the navetsea, have I also added this in the briefcase c: / programs / electronic arts/thesims3/mod/packages but doesn't it work you could exactly point out me as to install this mod or cmq this packet? thanks

  22. NO, the download links are dead. :( If their back please message me at maplestoryway@yahoo.com with a link...I have to stick with peggyzones crappy version...

  23. Where i install this mod? please help