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November 13, 2012

Environment Lighting Tweaks v4.0 Released

*V5.0 GOLD released. Quite different from v4.0. You can take them as totally different ENV Lighting tweaks.

I will be happy if you tell people that you're using my ENV Lighting when you post your pictures.

2012.11.28 New color setting Added. Brighter Night

Changes in v4.0
Lowered down Highlight/Shadow contrast of Overcast and Stormy weather.
Increased color saturation of Darker Water a little back.
Lightened up the cloud luminosity a little in the nighttime.
Parameter controlling the cloud changed a little.
Changed for less bloom in both "Higher bloom" and "Lower bloom" settings.
Added two sky color variations in the night, Grey and Blue night, which are still very dark.
(These two color variations give sky reflection to water, so it will not be totally black as v3.0. In blue night setting, very little blue tint is added to the ambient light.)
Color settings are now separated into two parts, Color and Weather.
Added settings that remove the custom weather (Aurora).

Changes in v3.0
Highlight/Shadow contrast in daytime adjusted.
(Clear, Partly Cloudy, Custom adjusted to higher. Overcast, Stormy adjusted to lower.)
Added very little brightening gradient to the sunlight. Brightest at noon.
Increased sunlight color saturation a little bit back at sunset.
Change the pink tint to orange of sunlight and skycolor a little bit at sunrise.
Desaturate water color a little in Darker Water setting.
Added "More Sunny" version which eliminate stormy and overcast in sunny weather. Good for people who installed Seasons and turned on all meteotology types.

Changes in v2.0
Seasons Compatible. Also working fine without seasons. Any game patch version compatiable.
Sunlight and ambient light at sunrise and sunset were desaturated a little to be more natural, especially on the snow.
(Skycolor is not changed)
Sunlight color at sunset turned into orange too early in v1.2. Modified.
Darkened the sunlight, ambient light a little and clouds a lot in stormy weather.
LowerBloom setting adjusted very little for lesser bloom.
Added new "Middle sized sun and moon" setting.

Download From MEGA:


v4.0 Brighter Night Color Settings
Only the new Brighter Night Color Settings packed. You need v4.0 together. Choose ONLY ONE color setting.

Use only one file in each folder.

See details here.
For people who want to adjust this mod yourself, see here.

About "More Sunny" and "Regular" Settings
Game system rotates the meteotology (Sunny, Fog, Snow, Rain and Hail), and chooses the proper weather type (Clear, Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Stormy and Custom).
However in Sunny, it will rotate all the five weather types with the probability weight set and you will see a "stormy sunny" day.
So in "More Sunny", I changed stormy from 10% to 0%, overcast from 25% to 10% and clear from 30% to 25%, and you will never see the stormy sunny day again.
If you'd like to see sunny day with all different types of weather, choose "Regular".
If you just want a sunny day that is "sunny", choose "More Sunny".

v4.0 Blue Night (Clear/PartlyCloudy Transition with Snow)

v4.0 Highlight/Shadow contrast in different weather type.

v3.0 Pictures (Darker Water, Less Bloom, BigSunMoon)

Sunny, noon. You can compare the brightness of the shadow with v2.0

Stormy, noon.

Snowing in a sunny day

Pictures in winter, from morning to evening. (v2.0) (Darker Water, Less Bloom, BigSunMoon)


  1. Hey Buhudain :) I have a question. In the darker water version is the water supposed to look like a blueish grey? I haven't gotten to playing with the mod in live mode, but in edit town I noticed all of the water is grey with a possible blueish tint, even the ocean. It's cloudy/stormy, if that matters at all.

    I know it's probably just because of the lighting, but I just wanted to make sure :) Thanks for the mod, it made my game look 100 times better!

    1. Right. I decreased the saturation of the water color in overcast and stormy weather. It can be very weird that a blue ocean in bad weather, isn't it. XD However, it should be looked like "deep blue" instead of "blueish grey" in clear and partly cloudy weather.
      By the way, camera angle influences the water color very much by reflection. This should always be aware. Thus, in clear or partly cloudy weather, the water can still be bright blue because of the reflection of the sky color.

  2. Thanks very much!!!!! and i have a question, this mod influence to sunrise/sunset time?

    1. Yes. I set it to EA default 6:00 and 18:00, but you can change it manually if you want. If you have Seasons installed, game system will extend or shorten the daytime according to what season it is.

  3. what worls do you use for take the pictures? stuning.

    1. I use custom world "autumn falls". But choose a perfect place and angle is important than what world you use. :)

  4. 日本語で失礼いたします。
    そして更にBrighter Nightを追加されたとのことで、

    1. ご愛用ありがとうございました~~w
      日本語は読めますけども 話すほうはまだ下手ですので勉強しなきゃだめです

  5. I love it! But something happened with my CC clothing after I installed this. They changed color and got extra lining. What is the problem?

  6. Well....This mod shouldn't have such problems. This one only contains weather dds and ini files.

    1. Was it because I downloaded version 4.0? Because when I removed it the clothes went back to normal.

    2. I have no ideas about what you got. This mod should never conflict with any clothes or objects.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.