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October 31, 2012

Environment Lighting V1.1

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  1. i dont get it what do i have to download now??

    here is a uptade vertion but i dont want lighter or darker water i want normal
    need help

    1. ahh i get now but you should said that you uptade the pther one too :P

    2. I just added the word "Normal" back. Sorry I get you confused.

  2. @ 三千年の猫
    Can you remove the fog completely from the clear day?
    In Skyrim there's a mod like that, by removing the ambient fog at distance, the game suddenly look extremely beautiful. Just for the clear day and another normal day.

    Indoor setting?
    I can say, your outdoor is way too bright during the day, not a good balance between outdoor and indoor.

    Do you know about SweetFX?
    I use it in The Sims 3. Have you seen EA released TS3 screenshots? Mine as good as like that, even better with some personal taste. HDR, Cineon DFX, Dither, etc. May be you can combined between SweetFX with your lighting setting in the future.

    1. I got to say this is not an FX mod like that.
      This is just a color setting of the environment (Outdoor) color.

      The brightness....I need to say I did this in purpose.... I want the daylight as bright as EA created in sunlit tides. (Mine is as bright as Sunlit Tides)

      You may read the reason why I made this Env tweaks in V1 for your fog issue.
      But I agree with you, it's a little too bright outdoor for other worlds than Sunlit Tides.
      I'm going to release a lower ambient version.

    2. Do you have any plan for the indoor setting?
      I use a lighting mod in the past, which I forget. It adjust the Sunset Valley room lighting to be more realistic. Like the dark room will be almost a pitch black.

      I just recently notice, EA did unusual thing with the Sunlit Tide indoor lamp intensity. To make it uniformed like outdoor sunlight, they make it brighter. I follow the trick to the other world and the looks perfect now.

      After playing for awhile, I get used with the brightness. May be it's better to let it like that, no need to reduction.

    3. I'll have a look in which INI controlling the indoor lighting settings. I've no idea now though.
      With the new "lower ambient" setting, you won't notice significant changes in the whole lightness, but it helps decrease the bloom a lot. So objects in light color will not be too shiny.

      And still, thanks for your advise. :)