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October 2, 2012

Adult human rig files for pose maker (Blender)

Fixed to V2.
See here


  1. I have been wondering for a couple of days, decided I am going to give it a try to see the difference with A's rigs.

    1. This one can be very useful for adjusting the arms and hands parts, because of the muscle normal map and detail on nails by Navetsea. And only one light left. I set the body texture emission autonomous.

  2. I've come to your site for a couple of things in the past and when I was looking for info on "adult" rigs, I was pleasantly surprised to be finding it here. Just about everything you put out has been helpful and much appreciated, by me. I can see this being extremely useful when I make more poses, as I can be a bit particular and this will help to make them flow better.

    Now, excuse me while I try my hand at an adult themed couple pose using this.

    1. Thank you~ Just use it!
      I also like to get my SIMs all naked and do some 18+ poses. lol

    2. Yep, I'm using it. Thanks again. But I do have a follow up question. Is it possible to use your rig for the "couples" rig, such as the a2a_soc rig file?

      As it is, I'm okay with using the a2a_soc rig to set them up and then to later come back with your rig and individually fine tune them, but it could save time if I could just use your rig from the get go when working on couples.

    3. You can read Kilhian's tutorial part 4-C.
      C - How to make a pose with multiple rigs
      Very clearly described.

    4. Thanks for the link to Kilhian's tutorial, it was exactly what I needed and more.

      One last thing and I hope I'm not being too much a bother, however when I click to make the amBottomPenis visible it isn't attached to the pose I made, and displays in it's default standing state - minus the foot, arms, torso and head. That can't be intended, is it?

      Having a viewable penis is not nearly as important as having the details of your rig, but I figured I'd mention it anyway.

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