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August 13, 2012

Short Eyelashes (Face Overlay Default Replacement)

***2012.8.14 Add female longer version and No EA Iris version***

EA's eyelashes are horrible.
They're just too straight and too long....especially for female.
Actually in fact, some males have longer eyelashes than females, like myself.

We all know S-Club made a eyelash remover.
However it just removed all the eyelashes, and NPC or some SIMs without eyelashes looked horrible, too.
So here I made short eyelashes for male and female.
The bending of the eyelashes also has been modified, so it looked much more natural.
And they work good with S-Club 3D eyelashes.

Male (Different angles)

Female (shorter)

Female (Longer)


Male SIM with longest eyelashes...

Female SIM with longest eyelashes...

Female SIM with mid-long eyelashes + S-Club 3D eyelashes...

And this also work good with NPC.
NPC with longest eyelashes...

Two sets...(Choose only one set)
Normal (With EA Iris): Only the eyelashes part revised
No EA Iris: Can be compatible with some smaller iris DR eyes. (Eyeball Alpha adopted from SimRivers from MTS)

In each set, four files included...
For Male: Teen~Elder Male
For Female: Teen~Elder Female (Longer and Shorter, choose only one, Longer recommended))
For Kids: Child and Toddler

This is a face overlay default replacement.
It works the same way as S-Club Eyelash remover or other face overlay mods.
So you can choose only one of them to use.
And this can be incompatible with some default replacement eyes with face overlay edited.

Download from MEGA:
No EA Iris

(If conflict happens with your default replacement eye, move my mods into mods\overrides folder)
(It's impossible to make a very high detailed eyelash by modifying the original overlay texture due to the resolution and EA mesh design. This is just an alternative substitution of S-Club's eyelash remover.)


  1. Buhudain, do you also get a problem with TS3 eyelashes when used under outdoor lighting, their shadow casted on sims' face are most of the time too distracting in my game

    1. Can you show some screenshots? Or you mean something like this?
      If this is the case, this is due to the face mesh and the shadow casting method. And this can be easily seen in the noon.

  2. I just started using this now. So much better. I hate how EA just make the eyelashes look so long and horrible. Thank you.

    1. Wow, this is really great! Very natural looking and much better than EA. Thank you very much!

  3. links dont work.

  4. Ah, I wish the link would work, because I can't get the S-Club eyelash remover to work... :c

  5. can you please reupload the link its down :(

  6. can you please reupload the link its down :(

  7. I was going to download this but then NONE of the links work on this site and put me off completely. I'm sorry, but perhaps you would be kind enough to upload them somewhere else like Simfileshare?


  9. someone pleasssee reupload the lashes!! :<

  10. 我不知道你 buhudain 仍然活躍與否, MEGA 鏈接是中斷了。 我二次上傳你的睫毛 MOD, 可以嗎? 如果你歸來, 我會刪除我的二次上傳文件。

    Everyone, I reupload short eyelashes for male and female Simfileshare link http://simfileshare.net/filedetails/301502/
    (temporarily, I will delete if Buhudain comes back)