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July 30, 2012

Medieval Sword N1 and N2

I need some medieval swords to make story. There is one on MTS but the position is somehow not good and not reflective. So, here I made a sword.
Because of the EA limitation of shader......I tried lots of methods to made a reflective one.
And finally I changed the shader to "Phong" and it showed very good result! However, changing the shader made it un-recolorable in CAS. So I made a recolorable transparent membrane to cover on it. I tried my best to make the membrane almost unnoticeable.

So here are 3 versions of the sword.
N1: All Recolorable, only specular on the blade, no reflection.
N1 Shine: "Phong" shader, Reflective, Un-recolorable on the blade (gray).
N2 Shine: Membrane covered. All Recolorable.

The left one is specular only.
The right one is "Phong" shader.

Thumbnail included.

All version included.
You can have them all or choose which you like.

Available for both gender.

Due to the shader limitation, the blade of SHINE version is un-clickable in CAS mode.
However you still can select the hilt part.

Download from MEGA


  1. Thanks! I really needed these and they look great!

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks guys~~~
    The shader limitation is somehow stupid...
    That's the only way to make a reflective CAS accessory.....

  4. Thank you! BEAUTIFUL~!!!! A favor: could you please make a Spear accessory, too? :)

    1. Thank you.
      Shiny Katana, Spear, Broad Sword, Modern Sword and Sabre are in plan, and also some sword poses...
      But I don't know when will I finish them....XD

      I got to finish something first, so I can move on to make new weapons. Sorry about that.
      Maybe half to one month later....

  5. I love it!!! A dagger for a child. *grin*

  6. 太讚了,抱回家,謝謝分享 >///<

  7. the links no longer work ; ;

  8. The link doesn't work, the file is gone & I'd like to download this sword please.

  9. You can find it at Mod the Sims https://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=624384&goto=lastpost