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May 28, 2012

Asterial Rain -- for fun

Some fun for you~~~~

I download the Meteor Mods from Modthesims.
And tuned it to higher level of the hell setting.
System will run a meteor check every 3 SIM minutes,
and with 50% chance of strike.
I also expanded the destroy and fire range.

Here we have Asterial Rain level. lol

(Asteria, a greek goddess of star. Here I only add "l" to turn it into adj. :P )

Out testers (sacrifice) are my black widower's family.
So here's the rain~~~

If you are interested in the music.
This song is from anime Guilty Crown.

Hill Of Sorrow

There was a bloody fight untold
Nobody seems to find their homes
Rain drops were falling all around
Let me escape this place
Be untouchable

Here comes the scary light
It's shining on me
Kill my breath
Till my worst fear is gone
We can't follow their rules whatsoever
Now we're climbing up
Oh! The hill of sorrow

Sand wirbelt in die Höhe (The Sand swirls in the air)
schwarzer Wind und roter Stern (The Wind is black and the Star is red)
verblasste Blütenblätter (The faded Petals)
legen sich auf die Erde (Rest on the Earth)
Ashe wirbelt in die Höhe (The Ashes swirl in the air)
verwelkte Blütenblätter (The withered Petals)
werden wieder zur Erde (Will return to the Earth)
βιοζ (Life)

We're going to hell
Is that where we wanna be?
What can you say?
Is that the way you are?
Why don't you just tell?
How is it gonna be?
We just can't be one

Here comes the scary light
It's shinning on me
Hiding in this dusty hole
Till my worst fear is gone
We can't follow their rules whatsoever
Now we're climbing up
Oh! The hill of sorrow

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