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January 2, 2012

Some problem with Klavix's kimono with Japan pose 5-7

As you can see the belt is too long so it will come out of the leg.....
I tried to adjust the skirt position but not worked.
I'll ask Klavix if he has any idea to handle with this.


  1. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say how much I love your pose packs, they are "different", and that´s what makes them so interesting. Are you still open for pose requests? :-)

  2. Hi~
    I'm glad to here that.
    I'll still open the pose request, but not these days.
    I still got 2~3 pose sets to finish so please wait a little bit. You can request, but I can't promise the releasing date to you. Sorry about that.

  3. Oh It´s alright, Im happy to know that you´re "open for business" though, I´ll come back in a couple of months is that ok? Good luck with the other requests! Hope you post them in here so I can get a bit of fun too, I bet they´ll be awesome ^^

  4. 我假設你懂普通話,如果不懂,我就用英文跟你解釋一次。
    在这个Pose中腰带穿过和服的原因是bone assignment。如果我改变bone assignment的话,那个腰带会在这个模拟人每次行走的时候都穿过腿。很多这个和服的pose看起来不是很好,因为这个和服是一个复杂的mesh。


  5. 了解~感謝Klavix大的回答