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October 21, 2011



Some idiot updated to 1.26, fixed the CC but forgot to backup the SIMs he created....

Some of them in the title picture have just gone forever....forever......
Only the released SIMs last....

I'll try to remake them......

Goodbye, Elven!
Goodbye, Kim!
Goodbye, Takahisa!
Goodbye, Charlie!
Goodbye, Johnny!
Goodbye, Shian!
Goodbye, Lu!

Welcome back!!!!! XDDDDD

(I'll also release the sim file...I failed to install some of them in sim3pack files.....I just unpacked them to package and rescued them......)


  1. Oh that sucks. I hope u can remake them. I have updated my game. And i am just in the process of taking out some sliders so i can start making sims again. I actually renamed my sims folder then updated and let the game redo all folders, sims, saves, screenshots etc. So i still have the original folders. (in the past i have lost many saves and sims)

    Haven't got Pets yet, not released till Friday for me. I miss skin mods and sliders so far, because none of these hacks have been updated. I will never use awesome mod again. I just have to wait for updates or learn to use less sliders. I haven't fixed my CC, as i don't use any furniture, i took them all out a while back. All my custom content, like make up work.
    Good luck making your sims again.

  2. Elven resurrected!!! (by Recuva)
    I'm scanning for other survivors.

  3. NRaas MasterController has been released. I set it up but didn't look into the sliders available since I ruined my SIMs... But it really worked with 1.26.

  4. I also deleted most of my furniture CC. But you know...accidents just happened XD

  5. Great!
    By using the parameter Gutmann (35 overwrite), I recovered all my SIMs back. I'll check if all of them are good files later.

    "RESURRECT skill level up" lol

  6. The skins showed no problem for me.
    I have tested all the sliders, the NRaas MasterController worked.
    I've also tested all of my recovered SIMs. No problem!
    What a nice weekend.... XD