Abnormal SIM Simulation Center - G3 Building

Angel said to Vampire "Boss, this is sexual harassment!!!" Anyway we got only abnormal things here.
天使對吸血鬼說:社長你性騷擾!!! 反正這裡就是沒有正常的東西啦~

~~Sim3 Only~~

Sorry I'm not taking reques.

All poses are poselist included

*2012.6.19 Announcement: You can retexture or do some mesh adjustment of my stuff. But please inform me after you released your retextured one. Also sign the credits of me.*
*2012.6.26 Announcement: You are free to comment in Chinese, Japanese or English. No other language please.*
*2013.1.30 UPDATE: You can find all my downloads at tab My Stuff*
*2013.?.? Announcement: NEVER EVER ask me about how to install package files. Read this.*

My Stuff

Default Replacement
Lighting Mods
Environment Lighting Tweaks v5.6 GOLD (Featured!!)

Environment Lighting Tweaks v4.0  (More pictures here) (Featured!!)

Aurora Skies Original Lighting Modified

XML Tuned
Improved CAS Camera Angle

Seasons Sunrise and Sunset Time Tweak

Fixed and Modified Cmomoney's Live Mode Camera Mod

Texture Revision
Fantasy Moon

Star Field with Star Spikes

Fairy Wing Dragonfly Type Revision

Clear Water Drops

aWT Eyeball Cross-eyed Issue Fixed

You Are Real (Normal map revision as default replacement and non-default skin.) (Featured!!)

Male's Rectus Abdominis Muscle Definition V3 / V2 / V1 (Default Replacement)
(Old normal map revision and conflict with You Are Real skin.)

CAS Content
Default Replacement
Short Eyelashes

Two-Color Real Eye

Boa Hancock Hairstyle EA shine / bSHINE

Cinderella's Glass High Heels

Medieval Sword N1 & N2 On Right Hand / On Waist

Colored Lens Glasses N1 (Featured!!)

Smaller Fog Emitter

Starlight Pool Lamp (Featured!!)

Invisible Lights Set 1 / Set 2 (Featured!!)

EA's Area Light Category Change (Default Replacement) (Featured!!)

Chinese Words Paintings

OMSP Resizer (Featured!!)

丑の刻参りセット(Japanese Midnight Curse Set)

Sexy and Bad

丑の刻参りセット(Japanese Midnight Curse Set)

阿部高和 やらないか?(Abe Takakazu Yaranaika?)

I'm So Lonely

Call Me Queen Part I / Part II

Dead in the Coffin

Japanese Pose Set

Christian Pose Set

Slap and Fighting Poses

2011 Nov Requested Poses

Rolling Down Stairs Pose Set

Bath in Lake Pose Set

Look! She's HOT!

誇張動作盒(Exaggerated Poses)

海賊女帝 波雅漢考克動作(Boa Hancock Poses)

For Pose Maker
Adult Human Rig for Blender with muscles

Igarashi, ChinChin and Murasaki

榊正彦(Sakaki Masahiko) & 岡田一樹(Okada Kazuki)

七雪乃(Shichi Yukino) & 山司輝煌(Yamaji Kikou)

Queen Alleria

Mars Fio = 闇己根彥(Kuraki Neko)

Gale Mairen

Johnny Rafroy

Charlie Christophen

Elunas Elven

Kim Enoch

鷹久麻見(Asami Takashi)

香華林(Shian HuaLin)

盧弘奇(Lu HongChi)

Gloomin Rose

Elfi Leis = Elma Leis

鬼束次成(Onituka Tuginari)

林霞(Lin Xia)

林昕淶(Lin ShinLai)

成田英樹(Narita Eiki)

七瀨雪華(Nanase Yukihana)

闇己暗巳(Kuraki Kurashi)

海賊女帝 波雅漢考克(Boa Hancock)

My Own BW Cube

Transparent house

海濱度假村(Beach Village)

水漾黑屋(Black House with Light Spreading Water Pool)

血白玫瑰(Bloody White Rose)

金星酒吧(Bar of Morning Star)

Custom Worlds
Banana Paradise (Small world, sea on residential lots works bad after 1.42)

Others not for Download
2012 Merry Christmas

2012 Dec Osaka and Kyoto Trip (Real life)

Playing with NRaas Debug Enabler (Lady Snow Theme)

Midnight Summer Dream


Asterial Rains

Stories and Fun
A Tale of Winter

How Cinderella Ends

The Water Element - Undine

鬼女紅葉 (Kijo Momiji)


Elma Leis

Others & Tutorials
Bake Normal Map from Bump Map in Blender

aWT's Eyeball Recommended

Some Black Light Using Methods

A method for finding used CAS CCs

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