Abnormal SIM Simulation Center - G3 Building

Angel said to Vampire "Boss, this is sexual harassment!!!" Anyway we got only abnormal things here.
天使對吸血鬼說:社長你性騷擾!!! 反正這裡就是沒有正常的東西啦~

~~Sim3 Only~~

Sorry I'm not taking reques.

All poses are poselist included

*2012.6.19 Announcement: You can retexture or do some mesh adjustment of my stuff. But please inform me after you released your retextured one. Also sign the credits of me.*
*2012.6.26 Announcement: You are free to comment in Chinese, Japanese or English. No other language please.*
*2013.1.30 UPDATE: You can find all my downloads at tab My Stuff*
*2013.?.? Announcement: NEVER EVER ask me about how to install package files. Read this.*

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  1. I was wondering when I first saw it if you were inspired by Shin Megami Tensei. I love Megaten games, so I was excited to see this!

  2. Hey! I'd love to test try your, "You are Real" project...I'm on tumblr @ thecnih.tumblr.com

  3. Hello Buhu.
    Just wanted to say that on Tumblr, it's not possible to give feedback as replies to your posts unless a person has been following you for at least one or two weeks I think. And since you didn't enable "asks", it's even harder to give feedback.

    Also, I'm not sure if you're doing it already, but when you end a post with a question mark "?", you have the option, on the right side, to enable "answers", which will allow people who can't reply yet (for the reasons stated above) to still be able to answer you and provide feedback, instead of a "like".

    1. Sorry I guess I'm really really unfamiliar with Tumblr orz...
      Even now......
      I'll try

  4. Hi, I'm not sure how to send you a personal message but I would like to include your IVL light sets in my new world. Can you please let me know how I should proceed? Here is a quick rundown at the Sims 3 forum: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/723380.page

    I think you can PM me there. Thanks.

  5. Quero agradecer por compartilhar suas criações são perfeitas. Muito obrigada sem elas minhas estorias não ficariam tão "reais."

  6. :( The downloads for the Christian poses don't work. Is it possible for you to fix those? <3

  7. :( The downloads for the Christian poses don't work. Is it possible for you to fix those? <3

  8. hi some of your mega downloads are down :(

  9. hi some of your mega downloads are down :(

  10. I only have to thank you for all the great stuff you've created and shared. My only request -- would renew the link to the Christian poses, or send the package to andantezen@gmail.com? I've built this church and need your poses for it. THANKS!