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February 17, 2013

Bake Normal Map from Bump Map in Blender

Normal map is a good way to add 3D effect on a low-poly mesh. However, lots of CC creators don't know how to use this. We see lots of creations with dark/shadow parts on the diffuse map to make it more 3D-looking. However, the dark/shadow parts will not change with light direction and sometimes they look flat and weird.

So here I write this tutorial to teach you how to make normal map from bump map for your creation in blender. (I'm not using MAYA or 3D Max so you have to figure it out yourself if you're using them.)

In this tutorial, I will create a cube with an embossed heart and engraved "I love you" on it.

OK~~Our material is this cube

And its UV.....

If you don't have the UV map you can export the UV to png
Change UI to UV

Then export UV Layout

Sometimes it's pretty hard to convert the mesh to high-poly to sculpt it. So bump map is a good method to add 3D effect because we can draw it in image software.
However, one bump map can only store one-side information. So you need to draw UP and DOWN directions seperately.

So here I have this two bump map.
(UV margin line is not included in the bump map. Just show you here.)

OK. Let's get back to blender.
In 3D view mode, press N to get this panel shown.

Expand Display, set Shading to GLSL.

And change Viewport Shading to Texture.

Select the cube, Go to Material Panel, Add a new material if no material is present.

Then switch to Texture Panel just next to Material Panel.
Add a new texture

Select Type to Image or Movie.
Select your Bump Map under Image
Remember to check the box on the right of your texture to make it visible.

The texture will show on the mesh, but not mapped by UV.

Expand Mapping, change Coordinates from Generated to UV

The texture position and size should be corrected now.

But this is treated as diffuse map. We need to change it to bump map.
Expand Influence, uncheck Diffuse: Color, check Geometry: Nor
If you use bump map, then positive value will be DOWN and negative value will be UP.
Different value will give different depth.
So here I set Nor to -1.

And you can see, the heart has become embossed.

Go back to top of Texture panel. Add a new texture and do the same process again to apply "I love you" as another bump map.
Set the Nor to positive so it will be engraved.

Good! You have done applying your bump map on your mesh.
Next! We need to bake it into normal map.

It's a good way to drag the triangle to make your work space double windowed.

Change one of your window to UV/Image Editor

In the window of 3D view mode, select the cube, press Tab to go into Edit Mode, press a to select all vertex.

In UV/Image Editor window, create a new image.

You can give it a new name or leave it unchanged. Change Width and Height according to your texture size or leave it 1024.

Switch to Render Panel

Scroll down to bottom, expand Bake
Select Bake Mode as Normals, Normal Spac as Tangent.

Then press bake, and you will see the normal map baked.

Save the normal map image.

OK! You've done it!
But let's check the normal map again.

Go back to Object mode by pressing Tab in 3D view window again.
Switch to Texture Panel again
Uncheck the bump maps
Add new texture to import the baked normal map and set as what you did previously.
Check the Normal Map under Image Sampling, leave it Tangent.
Set Nor to 1

Is it over? Not yet
In SIMS3, the normal map is saved as A8L8 type. So we need to convert RGB normal map to that type.

RGB Normal Map: R=X, G=Y, B=Z information.
A8L8 Normal Map: A=X, L=Y information, Z will be calculated.

Here I use photoshop to do it.
Open baked normal map in photoshop.
Add a new alpha channel.

Copy the Red channel to Alpha.
Copy the Green channel to Red and Blue.

Save it to dds format, leave Alpha Channels checked

You can save it as A8L8, DXT5 or DXT5_NM, they all should be workable.


P.S. You can draw your bump map in 16-bit for smoother result.


  1. It will be so interesting and useful for creators in Blender) Thank you)

  2. Thanks - Very useful :)