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January 27, 2013

Environment lighting tweaks v5.6.55 GOLD (Updated)

*2013/6/25 Dynamic Shadow updated to v5.6.55
Added UnderseaFog Settings. (Isla Paradiso)
Others are unchanged.

*2013/2/24 Updated to v5.6
Cloud at the sun side at sunrise and sunset revised to dark cloud.
Dynamic shadow files changed. Now with sun halo
Should be settled this time.

*2013/2/23 Updated to v5.5
Totally redrawn aurora with 10 transitions and gradient
Sky blue adjusted in daytime
Added new weather settings with different aurora probability
In 1.50, custom weather is not rotated anymore, so there are two version available.

*2013/2/22 Updated to v5.2
Sunset color adjusted
Overall lightness adjusted in Clear, Partly Cloudly, Aurora(Custom)
Aurora possibility changed from 5% to 20% (Regular) and 25% (MoreSunny)

*2013/2/1 Updated to v5.1*
Cloud color adjusted to reveal smoother gradient in the night.
Cloud parameter changed.
Aurora changed brighter.
Because EA's moonlight (Sunlight actually) is horizontal, it doesn't show correct moonlight shadow effect. Adjusted down.
Sunlight balance adjusted.

Sunrise and Sunset. Double side view.

(These pictures use BigSunMoon setting)

Autumn Fall (Custom World)


Sunset (opposite direction)


Mont Saint Michel (Custom World)




Water color at sunrise

Bad weather


(All pictures above are before v5.1)

v5.1 Cloud in night

v5.2 sunset color

v5.5 New aurora, 10 transitions and gradient

Sunrise, sunset and new aurora in v5.5

v5.5 adjusted sky blue

v5.5 NEW Aurora in game

Old aurora before v5.2

v5.6 Sun halo and darker cloud at sunset

This new version of Env lighting tweak is a totally redraw from blank. Totally different from v4.0.

In v5.0 there is gold sunrise, pink orange sunset, softer shaped but more colorful cloud, blue-purple night sky.
Install it like v4.0

Download from MEGA v5.6.55
Download from MediaFire v5.6.55

Readme included.

(Color and Weather: 5.6 and 5.6Aurora need to be used in pair.
 You can't use color:5.6 with weather:5.6Aurora.
 Lighting and DynamicShaodw are global. They can be used with both 5.6 and 5.6Aurora.
 Choose only one file in each directory)

Such as v4.0, this mod is made with ColorRamp, you don't need to modify the world files.
And actually this is not a gaming or functional mod. It just a default replacement of the environment color setting. So this should be compatible with all patch versions and expansions.

*I take no request.


  1. I'm a big fans of your environment lighting mod. The sunset and sunrise look very amazing in the pictures above. I'll give it a try.

  2. I've been using this for a while now. It's perfect for Hidden Springs among other worlds. I always keep an archive with different lighting mods depending on the pictures I take, and I found myself using your 4.0 and 5.0 GOLD quite often now.

    Thank you very much for these! By the way, have you seen the new EA world that they announced? There's this "aurora" deal with it, which I find funny since you already did it.

    1. Thanks.
      I've seen Aurora skies..... I won't say they steal my work since people making a north world will think about making the aurora too. I'm just very disappointed that they use the same method as I made to express the aurora effect, they didn't make it as a special effect. Well.... EA quality.... you all know about it...

    2. Not only that. Aurora skies theme is similar to Saaqartoq world. From Lunar Lakes to Sunlit Tide, it seems EA is "stealing" ideas from cc community.

  3. can this be used in sunset valley? and without the seasons pack?

    1. I wrote it in v4.0 but forgot to wrote the notice here. I have added it. This one uses colorramp instead of ini to control colors so it works on all worlds and you don't need to modify the world files. And it works with or without Seasons. Check the readme for more details.

  4. I have a ton of Lighting Ideas much like you. And thank you for sharing them with us here. I think that these are the types of lighting that can make a change, it's really that beautiful and effective as I have imagined. Thanks again! Keep up the good work!

  5. Do these include the water? Where is it if it's not? Thank you. They look so great.

  6. Hi. I really love your lightning mod and is thrilled to see you've updated it to patch 1.55. But for some reason, mega refuses to download (it just stuck at 100% yet doesn't save the file to my computer, don't know if it's because the file's too small or not...) So if possible, could you upload it to another host? Thanks again. ^^

  7. Hello! I love your mods so much that I can't live without them but I have the old version 4.0 and I was wondering if I need to change that mod to this latest? Because what I know it's not a core mod but I'm a bit insecure if I must change it. Thank you!

    1. Then you don't need to update it because the color is different between 4.0 and 5.6.
      However, if you're playing Isla Paradiso, I recommend you add this into your dynamic shadow file below the last line using s3pe:

      UnderSeaFogStartDist = 10.0
      UnderSeaFogEndDist = 82.1
      UnderSeaFogFalloffPower = 0.42

      Or you can use the dynamic shadow file from 5.6.55 instead.

  8. I have a question... It's posible to work Moon Gems and Dynamic Shadows together?

  9. Thanks, but I have other question, How about Darker Water, Can I put Ligther water?
    I don't like darker water in Isla Paradiso :c

  10. I've been trying out the 5.6 environment and I mostly like it but...I really miss the dark nights in Dfenders. That mod is SO dark you can't see outside without outdoor lighting, which is more realistic.

    I was using your 4.0 mod - can't remember now how dark it was AND I didn't have Seasons installed (very recently) - but I somehow deleted it and can't redownload because MEGA is setting off my Kaspersky and I'm getting a message that MEGA is trying to put a file 50Mb or larger onto my computer and I KNOW this mod isn't that large. No way do I want to download whatever else it's trying to put on my PC.