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Angel said to Vampire "Boss, this is sexual harassment!!!" Anyway we got only abnormal things here.
天使對吸血鬼說:社長你性騷擾!!! 反正這裡就是沒有正常的東西啦~

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All poses are poselist included

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December 21, 2012

Seasons Sunrise ans Sunset Time Tweaks

In seasons, EA set the default day-night length to summer.
In Spring and Fall, sunrise is 1 hour late and sunset is 1.25 hours earlier.
In Winter, sunrise is 2 hour late and sunset is 2.5 hours earlier.

Which means....if the default sunrise time is 6 am and sunset time is 18 pm then.....
In Spring and Fall, sunrise will be at 7 am and sunset at 16:45 pm.
In Winter, sunrise will be at 8 am and sunset at 15:30.
We only get shorter daytime, but not a longer one in summer.

Here I found the item to tweak the offset of sunrise and sunset in each season.
You want a high-latitude day-night cycle? Here's it~

December 11, 2012

Clear Water Drops (Default Replacement)

EA's default water drop is too bright and opaque...... and too big for umbrella and wet sims.....
So I just adjusted the transparency and size and brightness.

Download from MEGA

This is a default replacement and will replace the following four textures.
Overridden items:
_IMG ep8Umbrella_0xff4fe5463fbf9976
_IMG waterDropComplex_0x944b34525ac9bd7b
in DeltaBuild2.package

_IMG waterDrop_0x52524841a8887f21
_IMG waterDropCutoff_0xd82612a360b77252
in FullBuild2.package

You don't need Seasons to get this work. But updating your game version to 1.42 will be better since I'm not sure what the textures in DeltaBuild2.package before 1.42 looked like.....

December 10, 2012

Adult Content Updated

YEAH! More obvious vessels!!!

Take a look at my 18+ branch site if you're interested.

December 8, 2012

Osaka and Kyoto Trip

Went to Osaka and Kyoto for a trip on Dec. 1~5.
Photos for you guys~~~


Selected Photos

Adjusted for Wallpaper in Lightroom
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