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November 16, 2012

Manually change your environment lighting tweaks

I have written this tutorial, but some idiot just deleted it accidentally....(Yeah...Me again.....)

OK.... For you who don't like my green night only happened at 5%, don't like the day/night cycle, want to make your own big bIG BIG MOON or SMAll Small small sun....blah blah blah.

Get yourself S3PE, and you can do it!

Open S3PE.
Open the package file you want to use.
Click on the _INI you want to change.
Right click, notepad.
Edit in Notepad, Save, quit notepad.
Commit changes.

OK! you're done.

For basic user, I recommend you changing these parts only.....

Weather Setting:
There are five _INI items in a setting file. Each is for a weather type.

StarIntensity = 0~255
How bright the star. 0=invisible. 255=Brightest.

ProbabilityWeight = 0.0 ~ 1.0
Probability of the weather.
Change to 0.0 if you don't want to see it.
(So... you can change the probability to 0.0 of my custom weather if you don't like the green night.)

Lighting Setting:

SunlightScale = 1.0
Controls the brightness of sunlight scale. Higher value gives brighter sunlight.

AmbientProbeScale = 1.0
Controls the brightness of ambient light scale. Higher value gives brighter ambient.
Ambient also controls the lightness of shadow and brightness in nighttime.

The luminance of an object will be....
 object luminosity x (Sunlight+Ambient)
When the result over threshold, you will see the object starting to glow, which is bloom.
So...There's another thing controls the bloom threshold.

BloomRampThreshold = 1.3
Higher value eliminate the bloom. Lower value gives you more bloom.
Slightly adjust at 0.05 every time. Even changeing only 0.1 can still give you significant difference.

Dynamic Shadow Setting:

SunRadius = 280
SunHaloRadius = 0
MoonRadius = 200

Radius of the Sun, Sun Halo and Moon. Higher value gives you bigger one.

SunDegreeOffset = 20
MoonDegreeOffset = 10
StarfieldDegreeOffset = 20

Change these value to mimic high-latitude area.

SunriseTime = 6.0
SunsetTime = 18.0

Change these value if you want longer or shorter daytime.

WeatherRandomizeInterval = 8
How often will the weather rotate (in SIM hours).

For these settings, you can see the explanation in INI. It's very clear.

For advanced users, you can check this thread in MTS.

To change the color ramp, you got to now the meaning of each bar.
I just annotate the parameter corresponding to "ini" format.

Color ramp should be saved in 8,8,8,8 ARGB format (DDS) with alpha channel included.


  1. Thank you! this is really helpful :)
    Also, is there a way to change how much clouds show up? Cuz I don't want any at night =/

    1. No. It will effect the whole day if you change the cloud settings.
      No clouds in the night and NONE in the daytime.
      The only way to do this is to change the color ramp to the same as the sky color.

  2. Thanks for this tutorial. I'm actually try to modify the ligthing of your "Lighting Tweaks 5.6 mod" at night to the "Bright Blue Night" of your "Lighting Tweaks 4.0", because I love the auroras, but I don't really like the too darker night of the v5.6
    When I open the file "Buhudain_ENV_V5.6Aurora_Color_LighterNight.package" and the file "Buhudain_ENV_V4.0_Color_LighterWater_BrighterNightBlue.package" (in two different windows), I don't see the _INI part. I just see one _KEY and four _IMG in the two files.
    Did you know why ? (sorry, if I don't talk english very well)

    1. I just added the annotation of color ramp. You need to know how to edit the color ramp to modify it.

    2. Thanks for add the colors ramps !
      But I wonder if eventually the blackness of the night should not be changed in another file. The color ramps are just going to change the colors of the sky/sea. What I want to do is make the nights less black / dark (because changing colors of the sky will not affect the brightness of the night I think). So I did a tour in the files "Lighting Settings". I saw that you could change the brightness during full moons, but there is no part to change the brightness at night (no full-moon). Yet it must be a part to change that, right ? Did you know where ?