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November 3, 2012

Environment Lighting Tweaks v4.0

*V5.0 GOLD released. Quite different from v4.0. You can take them as totally different ENV Lighting tweaks.

My version of Environment Lighting mod is a combination of Outdoor Lighting Tweaks V2.1 by dDefinder, The Blue Dream by Latoya(INI to ColorRamp by myself),blended with EA Worlds Lucky Palm and Sunlit Tides.

All the five weathers are included : ProbabilityWeight / Main Color Setting Compositor
Clear (No Clouds): 20%
dDefinder Clear blended with Sunlit Tides Clear

Partly Cloudy : 40%
dDefinder Clear blended with Sunlit Tides Partly Cloudy

Overcast : 25%
dDefinder Overcast blended with Lucky Palm Overcast

Stormy : 10%
dDefinder Overcast blended with Lucky Palm Stormy

Custom : 5%
dDefinder Clear blended with Sunlit Tides Partly Cloudy
Almost the same in daytime, only different in clouds settings
However in the night, from 21:30 to 03:30, there will be dark green light in the sky that I wanted to mimic the aurora.

All the blue tints at night of EA worlds are reduced back to black before blended.
There are still some adjustment after blended.
The fog settings are adopted form The Blue Dream.
Dynamic shadow by dDefinder is included.
Sunrise at 6:00, Sunset at 18:00.

After blended with Sunlit Tides, the sky color is not too orange at Sunrise and Sunset.
More colorful at horizon.

Sunrise (Backward Sun--Toward Sun--Backward Sun)

SunSet (Backward Sun--Toward Sun)

This Environment Lighting Mod is created by using ColorRamp
It works with all worlds. No need of world file modification

(All EA new worlds contained ColorRamp.
 In the presence of ColorRamp, weather settings in INI format will be totally ignored.)

ColorRamp looked like this (My Partly Cloudy Weather)

My Environment Lighting Mod in other worlds

Moonlight Falls
This one is special setting of the size of the moon.
Aurora (Probability 5%)

Sunlit Tides


Another setting with darker water color
Choose which you like.

Big Sun and Moon
(Moon Texture is my Real Moon Default Replacement, not included in this ENV Lighting mod)

6 Night variations: (Color changes according to your monitor setting)


If you still don't know what is bloom, read this wiki.

2012.11.28 New color setting Added. Brighter Night

v4.0 Changes
Lowered down Highlight/Shadow contrast of Overcast and Stormy weather.
Increased color saturation of Darker Water a little back.
Lightened up the cloud luminosity a little in the nighttime.
Parameter controlling the cloud changed a little.
Changed for less bloom in both "Higher bloom" and "Lower bloom" settings.
Added two sky color variations in the night, Grey and Blue night, which are still very dark.
(These two color variations give sky reflection to water, so it will not be totally black as v3.0. In blue night setting, very little blue tint is added to the ambient light.)
Color settings are now separated into two parts, Color and Weather.
Added settings that remove the custom weather (Aurora).

v3.0 Changes
Highlight/Shadow contrast in daytime adjusted.
(Clear, Partly Cloudy, Custom adjusted to higher. Overcast, Stormy adjusted to lower.)
Added very little brightening gradient to the sunlight. Brightest at noon.
Increased sunlight color saturation a little bit back at sunset.
Change the pink tint to orange of sunlight and skycolor a little bit at sunrise.
Desaturate water color a little in Darker Water setting.
Added "More Sunny" version which eliminate stormy and overcast in sunny weather. Good for people who installed Seasons and turned on all meteotology types.

v2.0 Changes
Seasons Compatible. Also working fine without seasons. Any game patch version compatiable.
Sunlight and ambient light at sunrise and sunset were desaturated a little to be more natural, especially on the snow.
Sunlight color at sunset turned into orange too early in v1.2. Modified.
Darkened the sunlight, ambient light a little and clouds a lot in stormy weather.
LowerBloom setting adjusted very little for less bloom.
Added new "Middle sized sun and moon" setting.

v1.2 Changes:
Changed to use Lighting INI file to control ambient and bloom.
File separated into three parts.
2012.11.4 Added Darker Night Settings

v1.1 Changes:
Ambient at daylight (less bloom) and nighttime is lowered down a little bit.
Slight adjustment of horizon color at sunset and sunrise.
Fog is adjusted slighter, but heavier in Stormy.
In Darker Water setting, water is a little more blue and darker.
Probability changed.

Download from MEGA:


v4.0 Brighter Night Color Settings
Only the new Brighter Night Color Settings packed. You need v4.0 together. Choose ONLY ONE color setting.

Color Settings: (Choose only one)
Lighter Water + Black Night
Lighter Water + Dark Night
Lighter Water + Grey Night
Lighter Water + Blue Night
Darker Water + Black Night (My favorite)
Darker Water + Dark Night
Darker Water + Grey Night
Darker Water + Blue Night (My favorite)
(New)Lighter Water + Brighter Night Grey
(New)Lighter Water + Brighter Night Blue
(New)Darker Water + Brighter Night Grey
(New)Darker Water + Brighter Night Blue

Black Night: The same to Default Night before v3.0, totally black sky, higher ambient light.
Dark Night: The same to Darker Night before v3.0, totally black sky, very low ambient light.
Grey Night: Very deep and dark grey sky, same ambient light level as Black Night.
Blue Night: Very deep and dark blue sky, same ambient light level as Black Night with a little blue tint. (Only in Sunny days)
Brighter Night Grey: Very deep and dark grey sky, lighter ambient.
Brighter Night Blue: Dark blue sky with gradient from horizon, lighter ambient.

Weather Settings: (Choose only one)
Regular + no Aurora
More Sunny
More Sunny + no Aurora

(Regular: Recommended for no Seasons installed or Seasons installed but with all meteotology types turned off.
 More Sunny: Recommended for Seasons installed with all meteotology types turned on.
 no Aurora: Probability of the custom (aurora) weather is set to 0.)

Lighting Settings (Ambient and Bloom): (Choose only one)
Lower (less) Bloom (Recommended)
Higher (more) Bloom

Dynamic Shadow: (Choose only one, or none if you don't want dynamic shadow)
Dynamic Shadow Only
Dynamic Shadow + BigSunMoon
Dynamic Shadow + MiddleSunMoon

You need at least the Color Setting, Weather Setting and Lighting Setting to work properly.
Choose only one setting in each folder.

For people who want to adjust this mod yourself, see here.

About "More Sunny" and "Regular" Settings
Game system rotates the meteotology (Sunny, Fog, Snow, Rain and Hail), and chooses the proper weather type (Clear, Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Stormy and Custom).
However in Sunny, it will rotate all the five weather types with the probability weight set and you will see a "stormy sunny" day.
So in "More Sunny", I changed stormy from 10% to 0%, overcast from 25% to 10% and clear from 30% to 25%, and you will never see the stormy sunny day again.
If you'd like to see sunny day with all different types of weather, choose "Regular".
If you just want a sunny day that is "sunny", choose "More Sunny".

I will be happy if you tell people that you're using my ENV Lighting when you post your pictures.

Remember to delete other outdoor lighting mods before using this.
Again, this mod is made with ColorRamp, you don't need to modify the world files.
(Don't forget that this one is also a default replacement actually)

For the cloud issue (No clouds in the sky), you need to load a save game, back to main menu and load it again. This is one of EA's bug......
(EA has fixed this issue in 1.42)

Actually this is not a gaming or functional mod. It just a default replacement of the environment color setting. So this should be compatible with all patch versions and expansions.

*I also released my ColorRamp file for Photoshop.
My Env V1 PSD

If you want to translate weather INI into ColorRamp, take a look in this template picture.

Thanks everyone in this thread for great information and tools.




    1. There is NO Darker night option of my ENV lighting. But I can make one by simply replace the night ambient part. dDefinder's Darker night is very dark...almost no ambient.... I don't know if I'm going to make this one that dark.

    2. OK. I just added a darker night setting. Hope this one can suit you.

  2. Awww thank you @三千年の猫 :D
    but i thought that your first version of this mod change for a darker night
    thank you thank you so much
    right now im using your ''Dynamic Shadow Only''
    and i dont get ''Ambient and Bloom Settings'' can explain it a bit more?
    and can we hope for you to release a version of ''darkernight'' without darker or lighter water''
    i just like the wya Ea make the ocean and i dont wanna change it

    again thank you thank you so much

    1. No. There was NO darker night version in my previous version.

      The ambient and bloom setting is another file to control the scale of sunlight lightness and ambient of the whole world. I'll add another pic to show the bloom.

      And, there's no EA default ocean color. It's various between every world. For example, in Sunlit Tides, the water color is bright light blue, but in Twinbrook, it's dark blue and a little black. Also, the water color is greatly influenced by the environment and objects. Even in the same water setting, different lighting intensities and colors will give totally different water color. I think you need to try both and choose one.
      By the way, water color in "lighter water" setting is much more similar to Sunset Valley in daytime. You may choose that one.

  3. I've been using ddefinder's tweaks for a long time but I have to try these. They look fantastic. I might tweak the colors a tad for myself (the sunset and sunrise look reversed where I live...more orange in the morning and pink in the evening, and the green night sky doesn't happen here), but it's all very subtly and beautifully done. The colors are varied and not to garish, and more natural than EA's. Thanks also for incorporating the dynamic shadows. It makes everything look so much more realistic. I also nabbed the less bloom option. Does everything glow where the EA folks live? It's weird.

    1. Thanks.
      Only very light colored objects outdoor will glow under the sunlight. The way I used to adjust the bloom is to change the Bloom Threshold. Higher value gives you less bloom.

  4. i have another question about ''Dynamic Shadow + MiddleSunMoon''
    is it bigger than the defaul or smaller???
    thank you so much your mods are the best thing ever

  5. ''
    v3.0 (Recommended for non-Seasons or Seasons with all meteotology types turned off.)

    v3.0 More Sunny (Recommended for Seasons with all meteotology types turned on.)
    i dont get it!!!!
    ihave patch my game 1.42 and also have seasons but i dont get please help me

    1. Game system rotates the meteotology (Sunny, Fog, Snow, Rain and Hail), and chooses the proper weather type (Clear, Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Stormy and Custom).
      However in Sunny, it will rotate all the five weather types with the probability weight set and you will see a stormy sunny day. So in v3.0 More Sunny, I changed stormy from 10% to 0% and overcast from 20% to 10% and you will never see the stormy sunny day again.
      If you'd like to see sunny day with all different types of weather, choose v3.0.
      If you just want a sunny day that is "sunny", choose v3.0 More Sunny.

    2. aww thank you
      definetly im using moresunny thnka you i love your mod

  6. What happened to the Darker Nights? I only want that!

    1. I don't get it either. What's your problem.......

    2. I want to keep everything the way it is EXCEPT for the nights that I want to be black instead of blue. I thought that was possible but there is no "black night" option anymore??

    3. There's NO WAY for this option if you want to keep everything the way it is in every world.
      I even didn't serve a Darker Night only option.

  7. I hate to ask but is there any way to only remove the bloom effect from the game? :)

    1. Yes. You can see the new post I teach you how to eliminate the bloom by adjust the BloomRampThreshold yourself. Just set it to higher value.

  8. @三千年の猫 it's me again and (how can i pronouse your name)*nevermind*
    I relly need to say that i hate the change you give to the water color but i really love the darker nights.

    i was playing on Brigeport and i was astonished (but not in the goog way)the water looks so ecofriendly (eco-fine)? and thats horrible (i liked the way that bridgeport used to be)
    and then i played on Lunar Lakes and i was sick and almost quit playing cuase i hate the color you gave it.

    please add a vertion with just Darkernights
    please please a lot of people (well just me is asking for it)
    and also i wasnt that anon comment hehehe

    please porfavor

    1. Well...I think you really got to know...
      Every EA world has it's own color setting, also the water.
      The water setting in Bridgeport, unlike sunset valley which is blue, is totally near grey. And the water color is also controlled by sky color. I give a brighter bluer sky color and the water is also looked so.
      Not every lighting tweaks can suit every world. My lighting tweaks is giving a sunny and vivid scene, so it should be like that. Otherwise I think you need to edit the ColorRamp yourself.
      By the way, are you taking the lighter water? I guess you need to use the darker water instead.

    2. i used both (darker and lighter water)(darkernights) to check and hate it both.
      please this mod is so perfect but is just that thing that ygudfmkgufgy ajj please. thank you bye

    3. http://www.mediafire.com/?nvcv9360fatb98n
      This is what you want. I took the water color setting from Bridgeport. They are totally the same. If this still sucks, it is what I HAVE explained.
      I take no further request.

    4. Thank you. you are the best and sorry if i ....
      anyway thank you

  9. why we just can just use one on your mods i mean i just want to use lees bloom but its says on ''IMPORTANT'' that i can why??

  10. It looks great. I think even with something as simple as this, it helps us create something even bigger in real life. Imagination inspires creativity, and that is exactly what we need in the lighting industry. Thanks for the share!

  11. I tried to d/l this and my anti-virus said it was trying to place more than 50Mb on my computer and did I approve. Not on your life! I know this mod isn't anywhere nearly this large so what's going on?

  12. The link of Buhudain is not working, this is another version on modthesim