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August 8, 2012

Invisible Lights Set 1 (IVL Set 1) (8/8 Update, Category changed)

***2012.8.8 Updated, category changed to Lighting Misc***
(Please update the file if they are in the categorized in outdoor lighting. )

Sometimes you'd like to light up something, but you don't want to shot the lamp in your photos.
Of course we can use the area light in buydebug to do this.
(The area light in Taiwanese translation is "Tomb Light")
However, the area light just is a plane light, with only vertical and horizontal facing directions
So here I made some invisible lights.

These lights were made by cloning the area light, changing the angle, height and size of the object mesh, and replacing the LITE profile.

There are Spotlight (falloff degree 35), Super Spotlight (falloff degree 15), point light.
And the directions are Ceiling, 45 degree down, 45 degree up and Floor lights.
Up and Floor lights can be placed on table.
(All the lights can be placed on OMSP with normal function. But not the OMSP Resizer)

In Build/Buy mode.....

In Game mode.....

I make them into different sizes so you can easily distinguish them.
From left to right are....Point, Spot, Super Spot.

Ceiling Spot

Hanged Ceiling Spot Wide

Down Spot

Up Spot

Floor Spot

Ceiling Point

Floor Point

You can find this in Buymode/Lighting/Lighting Misc

Thumbnail included...

A prototype which LITE profile is Garden Lime Light is also included. (Not packed in the all-in-one pack)

Download from MEGA:
Separate Pack
All-in-one Pack

Find IVL Set 2 Here.


  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!

    I need this so much and was just trying to figure out how to do it! whoohooo
    Posting to simatography forum.

    1. Yeah~~~I need this one too but nobody has ever made an easy and useful one of this.... After I figured out how to make this, I decided to make a whole set with a variety of lights.
      I like the spot light more than the point light~~~

      Well...Time to sleep.... It's 2 o'clock here.......

  2. Omg thank you so much making these!!

  3. Wonderful idea, I'm surprised no one tried it sooner. Thanks a lot.

  4. I was actually using either the buydebug lights or WOE invisible lamp, but yours have much more... variety? Thank you, I will make good use of those!

  5. Thank you so much for these. You've been making some very great contributions to the CC communities, from poses to OMSP to these.

    Thank you!

  6. Plese repair your links, bacause midiafire blocked arhives.

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  8. Hello, Sim God. Thank you.

    -Signed Sim Goddess

  9. i'd love to download, but the link is not working for me, i click, goes to a white screen, thats it.....

  10. Hate to Necromancy but the MEGA links are down.

    Shame too, I really need these.

  11. умоляю, почините ссылки, очень нужны эти светильники(

  12. please reupload, the MEGA links don't work anymore :(

  13. The link doesn't work any chance you can upload or send it to me please. In desperate need of these.

  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1-IqtUPWAvoNmVHX0dLTDJyaEk/view