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July 9, 2012

Looking For Help!!!

I got some technical problem in converting the mesh into MLOD.
If you are interested in doing this for me, please contact me.
There are two meshes I want to convert into Decor for the new CC set (the cursing set).
Meshes (blender file and obj file available) and Texture are done. Only conversion needed.
I didn't use TSRW to make my CCs.
TSRW never ate my mesh. It crashed every time I imported my mesh....

Thanks for your help.


  1. I am not the best out there, but I guess I could give it a try using Milkshape (I haven't used Blender much to create items).
    It's weird about TSRW never accepting your mesh, I never had a problem... Anyway, if you don't have any other/better offer, you can contact me through either my FB or email me.


  2. Or if you have Milkshape I could just tell you how it's done :p I would have to look through notes to remember how to use Blender.

  3. It's weird about the comment system of blogger.....
    Anyway I recovered your comments.....

    I have obj files of my meshes and Milkshape. But I can't export cloned object mesh directly into s3xxx in S3PE.
    I used S3ObjTool to decompile and recompile, and TextureTweaker to replace the texture. But finally it didn't show up in my game...

    I tried to convert my mesh to wso by Milkshape, but TSRW still did't eat my mesh (in wso format) and crashed......

    I can give you the meshes and texture.

    1. I put the meshes and texture here.


      Two meshes:
      Hay Doll Decor
      Hay Doll With Nails Decor
      And two shadow control meshes (xxxxxx_SC)

      Both of them share the same texture.
      Three color channels, default pattern as Brown, Gray (#bbbbbb) and Dark Gray metal (Vertical).
      I'd like to set them as misc_decor, $7.

      Thanks for your help.

  4. Yes I was wondering what happened to the comments as it didn't say you had to approve them. I am going to take a look at the files you left on Mediafire.
    For a future object, you could try this:
    - clone the object with S3PE if you wish and save as package.
    - in TSRW: create new object > new import (the box under clothing) > browse (next to file name press TSRW project and select package).
    - export meshes, textures
    - work on it using milkshape or blender
    - import your modified files (you can recreate shadows an footprints)
    - press edit > project contents
    - in the pop up window select export > to .package
    After that you can open the package file in S3PE for more modifications.

    Anyway I will go download your files and work on it in a bit. I saw the pictures you posted, I like it!

  5. I have no idea why, after saving back in a .obj extension it also gave me .mtl files, I never saw that before so I included them as well in the file. I hope you can work with those, and let me know if you have a problem with it :)

    1. Finally I got this solved.
      There were two mistakes I made.

      The first is that I didn't import thumbnail, so it didn't show up in game.
      The second is the object I cloned had reversed shadow mesh (Group00->Group01), and that's why I can only see the shadow in game.

      Still appreciate for your help~~~

    2. You are quite welcome ^_^

      I'm glad you found what went wrong, at least yu will know what to avoid for the next time! It's always better to be able to do everything ourself ;)
      I look forward to see your object finished, it looked really good~

      Take care!