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July 4, 2012

How to Use "Black Light"

Black Light is a very special light system in SIM3
When talking about the black light
I think most of you may say...
"My SIM became too dark..."
"The room became too bright"
"Too reflective..."

Here I just find something very interesting and useful part about the black light.
And I will show you here

Only use black light in a closed room.
Outside, black light will turn into something like violet light.

No matter how broad your room is,
only one black light can transmit the effects to all part of this room.

Here I used a 50x50 room as an example.
I used tomb light as my light source. (in buydebug)
You can see the range of tomb light in the picture below.

Then I turned on black light.
You can see the whole room shown black light effect even out of the tomb light range.
The obvious result is the four statues I placed at four corners of this room.
They showed high emission.

The emission effect cause by black light is related to their brightness.
As the picture below,
I placed four white statues with different brightness, from high to low,
under regular light.

After turned on black light......
You can obviously see the emission effect is very strong on the bright statue.
So the first,
you can adjust the brightness of an object for the emission effect you want.

Besides the emission effect by black light,
you still can use regular light to add more effects.
Here we add another green light.
Strong emission is not affected by the green light.
But brightness at middle reflected to the green light.

You can change the green light to another color....such as red...

And I added floor with gray and black.

Under regular light....

Red regular light added.......

Black light turned on.....

Floor which is totally white showed high emission and is still white.
Gray part reflected to red light and showed low emission.
Black part showed no effects.

Previously I used only white objects....
what about colorful objects?

under regular light,
statues and floor with different colors....

Black light turned on....

Under regular light, with red light added....

Black light turned on....

how about SIMs?

Unfortunately, you can't only set their skintones to very white...
Like this....

After I turned on the black light...

So you need one thing......
Turn the SIM into a vampire!
Yes....you need the pale and glow effects of vampire so the SIM will not be affected by the black light, including their clothes.

In fact, you don't really need to turn them into vampires.
You can just apply the vampire shader on your sims.

Simply doing this by using Debug Enabler from NRaas.
NRaas -> Debug Enabler -> Option -> Visual Override ->Vampire
(I'm not sure if this can be done if you don't have "late night")

So I changed him back to normal skintone,
turned his eye to very very dark because I don't want glowing eyes.

Under regular light, vampire shader added....

Black light turned on....

And I added another orange light.....

So here's an example of how I created a dark scene by black light......


  1. Very interesting, thank you!

  2. Thank you Kilhian.
    Just something I learned when I was making some scenery like the last three picture.
    And I found the black light can be very useful.

  3. Wow, this is a great introduction to using the game's objects and settings to create effects! Thank you for sharing this information with us.