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June 24, 2012

New Male Rectus Abdominis Muscle Definition V1 -- Default Replacement (New V2 Recommended)

*New version, V3 available. See this article*
*New version, V2 available. See this article*

Since I don't like EA's abdominal muscle.
I tried to find out where the texture is and final I did this.

This is a default replacement of adult male body muscle definition.
I only changed abdominal part.

Left: EA
Right: My V1

Muscle definition at 0.5

Muscle definition at 1.0

I did this retexture by reversing the normal map back to the mesh. (Displacement method)
If you're interested in editing this, you may found it in
The normal map of EA is saved in DDS using "8,8  AL 16bpp (Alpha/Luminance)" format.
X information is stored in Alpha and Y is stored in Luminance (RGB or Grey) channel.

Since no creators have made this kind of thing in their skin packages.

Thus, it will replace the muscle definition texture to ALL of your skin.

Download from MEGA

Just simply paste it to your mods\package folder.
I guess I'm the first one did this mods so it won't conflict with any other mods....maybe.

Non-default replacement skin WITHOUT normal map will show NO muscle definition.
You should ask your skin creator to add normal map to their skin.
Cmar answered me: The loss of muscle definition in some non-default skins is because they use an old format. Newer skins should have the muscle definition whether or not they include a normal map. Old skins can be converted to the new format using Skininator.


  1. A great improvement. Awesome work!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks~~~
      I will still revise the definition to make it more realistic.

  2. This is a very nice replacement, thank you!

    1. Thanks~
      I'm going to make a totally new whole body muscle definition.
      But not so soon.