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Angel said to Vampire "Boss, this is sexual harassment!!!" Anyway we got only abnormal things here.
天使對吸血鬼說:社長你性騷擾!!! 反正這裡就是沒有正常的東西啦~

~~Sim3 Only~~

Sorry I'm not taking reques.

All poses are poselist included

*2012.6.19 Announcement: You can retexture or do some mesh adjustment of my stuff. But please inform me after you released your retextured one. Also sign the credits of me.*
*2012.6.26 Announcement: You are free to comment in Chinese, Japanese or English. No other language please.*
*2013.1.30 UPDATE: You can find all my downloads at tab My Stuff*
*2013.?.? Announcement: NEVER EVER ask me about how to install package files. Read this.*

June 27, 2012

Loss of Muscle Definition Issue

Cmar answered me:
"The loss of muscle definition in some non-default skins is because they use an old format. Newer skins should have the muscle definition whether or not they include a normal map. Old skins can be converted to the new format using Skininator."

So if you're using old format, try to convert them to new version.

Thanks Cmar.

June 26, 2012

Keratin Normal Map Preview (Still in the very beginning)

Just a preview of the keratin project.
Sine texture on the base skin will give very very very very very BAD appearance.
So I changed to use the normal map.

I just simply added the keratin texture to do displacement in blender, and baked to normal map. No other adjustment yet.
You may see some distortion in the face region other than keratin because of the procedure I used. I will use other procedure to prevent these.
Still in the VERY BEGINNING of this project.

Face at high magnification.

June 25, 2012

New Pose -- Abe Takakazu Yaranaika (Requested by my friend)

I don't know if you know about Abe Takakazu. (阿部高和)
He was just a character of gay comics by Yamakawa Junichi. (山川純一)
But the
"U-ho!  Nice guy!" (ウホッ!いい男!)
"You want to make love?" (やらないか)
is so classical thus he become very famous and well known in Japan.

So my friend requested this pose.
Since it's simple, I made it in only 15 minutes.
Just for FUN~~~~~

June 24, 2012

Normal Map Default Replacement for Male Pxxxs and Female Vxxxx and Nxxxxxs

I made a default replacement of Normal Map for male pxxxs.
You'll need Cmar's Pxxxs sliders to get this work.
Only work for default replacement skin.
It will work on non-DR skin but

non-DR skin without normal map will show no muscle definition.

Go to my 18+ branch site to see it.

Nipples and female vxxxx also available now.

Male Rectus Abdominis Muscle Definition V2 -- Default Replacement

A new revision of this mods.
Previously I just blurred the texture to match other place of the Cutness map.
But I found it's to smooth and not so real.
So in this version I adjusted the mesh, baked and decided to preserve the detail.
I only did very slight blur.

There are 2 variations.
Strong and light.

Download from MEGA

Two flavors, use only one.

I recommed the light version.

V3 Available.

New Male Rectus Abdominis Muscle Definition V1 -- Default Replacement (New V2 Recommended)

*New version, V3 available. See this article*
*New version, V2 available. See this article*

Since I don't like EA's abdominal muscle.
I tried to find out where the texture is and final I did this.

This is a default replacement of adult male body muscle definition.
I only changed abdominal part.

Left: EA
Right: My V1

Muscle definition at 0.5

June 23, 2012

June 22, 2012

I'm So Lonely -- Pose Pack

New poses released
I'm so lonely......
Well, that's not my state. lol

Pose 1 with 3 variations.
1b: Head up, 1c: Head down

Got Some Crazy Idea -- About Skintone

We all know that....
all the skintone in SIM3 are very smooth.

What if I add some noise to the specular texture........
to mimic the keratin, wrinkles on the skin.
I wonder what it will be like....

I should attach it to bump map but it's used by muscle definition.....

June 21, 2012

Hairstyle N1- bSHINE

After making the control texture. I realized what "adjust shine" really do.
So I made another color control version of this hair.
It's a combination of EA control part at low intensity and adjust shine part at mid-high level.

I'll call it bSHINE (combined shine).
Uh...The green highlight just reminded me of the GFP (Green fluorescence protein) signal......

June 20, 2012

Fix of Hairstyle N1 (Boa Hancock Hair), V2

I didn't want to change the CC I released but
This one is really annoying.....

So I did some mesh adjustment.
I also modified the texture.....

And found some IDIOTs have paste the alpha to wrong place........
(You all know who the idiot is....)

So please replace your file with V2.
I learned how to use S3PE to replace the contents so you will never need to replace hair for your SIMs.

I'd like this one to be Final Version.

Download from THIS article.

June 19, 2012

Hairstyle N1 -- Boa Hancock Released (Some fix, now V2)

*Fixed some alpha and mesh adjustment. Please see HERE *
*bSHINE Version Available*

Finally it's done.

New texture by myself.
Very smooth and silky.
The appearance is very different from EA texture.

And some adjustment on the mesh to be more natural.

June 18, 2012

New Hair (Soon will be released)

Retexture needed. (This is an EA texture preview)
Small adjustment on the mesh and bone assignment needed.

June 17, 2012

About Glasses N1--The Shiness issue

Actually this is not the final appearance I want...

Everytime I change the geom of the lenses to SimGlass, it disappeared in game....
So I can only change it into SimHair.
But it doesn't show reflection anymore.

I want the lenses to preserve the transparency I made.
But show 30~40% reflection of EA glasses.

Please let me know how to do so I can make a SHINE version.
You can also do retexture if you like.
But please let me know.
Thanks so much.

June 14, 2012

Story Clip -- How Cinderella Ends.

It's 12 o'clock!
I'm sorry prince but I must leave!

Shoes N1 -- Cinderella's Glass High Heels (New Mesh)

Here's glass high heels for you.
Just like Glasses N1,yhis one is also transparent and recolorable.
Only one color channel.
Young adult and adult female only.
(Everyday and Formal)

Glass N1 fixed to V3

Some idiot (ME!!!) forgot to enable this for female SIMs.....
So please replace with V3.

Sorry for the inconvenient.......
I'm really an idiot ><

June 12, 2012

Glasses N1 released (Female Enabled, Now Version 3)

*Some idiot (that's me...) forgot to enable this for female.... Fixed....*

*Because of the reflection issue, I changed the SimGeom type to SimSkin (Opaque part) and SimHair (Transparent part).
This issue has been fixed.You can download now.*

Finally I made it.

This is a glasses with transparent and re-colorable lenses.

June 11, 2012

New Glasses on Working

I'm making new glasses.
Meshing is done.
This one, I would like to make the lens recolorable.