Abnormal SIM Simulation Center - G3 Building

Angel said to Vampire "Boss, this is sexual harassment!!!" Anyway we got only abnormal things here.
天使對吸血鬼說:社長你性騷擾!!! 反正這裡就是沒有正常的東西啦~

~~Sim3 Only~~

Sorry I'm not taking reques.

All poses are poselist included

*2012.6.19 Announcement: You can retexture or do some mesh adjustment of my stuff. But please inform me after you released your retextured one. Also sign the credits of me.*
*2012.6.26 Announcement: You are free to comment in Chinese, Japanese or English. No other language please.*
*2013.1.30 UPDATE: You can find all my downloads at tab My Stuff*
*2013.?.? Announcement: NEVER EVER ask me about how to install package files. Read this.*

January 16, 2012

Bad cold

Sorry I got a really bad cold and down for a week.....
I'll do what I promised this week.

January 10, 2012

Next pose will be.......

The next pose will be "Dead in the Coffin"

Well, the only reason I hold this pose set is because...
It's new year~~~~
You don't want to see these unlucky things in the new year, do you XDDD

January 2, 2012

Johnny Rafroy

Johnny is another main character from comic "Vassalord" by kurono nanae(血咒聖痕--黒乃奈々絵)
He's also a vampire.
He adopted little Charlie and grow him to adult.
When Charlie is dying, he rescued him by turning him into a vampire.
Johnny is Charlie's father, master, lover, food, toy etc.....
(By the way, Charlie is still a boy virgin~~~~)

Charlie Christophen

Charlie is a vampire hunter.
He's also a vampire.
He's the only vampire not be afraid of sun.
He's a christian priest, too.
The setting is from comic "Vassalord" by kurono nanae(血咒聖痕--黒乃奈々絵)

Elunas Elven

Elunas is an elf.
He looks young and pretty.

Kim Enoch

Enoch is a korean.
He is a designer and rock star.

Some problem with Klavix's kimono with Japan pose 5-7

As you can see the belt is too long so it will come out of the leg.....
I tried to adjust the skirt position but not worked.
I'll ask Klavix if he has any idea to handle with this.

麻見鷹久--Asami Takahisa

Asami Takahashi is a Filipinos.
Actually the only reason he named in japanese is because he's boyfriend is Onituka Tuginari....

香華林--Shian HuaLin

Shian HuaLin is a Chinese female.
From my original setting, she is a procuress.
In new setting, she is a bar madam.